More Avista pics

buick-avista-111-1020.0The Verge website posted more pics of the new Buick Avista today. Overall reaction from the public and press is very positive. Buick has to take notice and consider production.

Why do we care? Well, if the Grand National is revived on this platform, it could mean a renewed interest in all GN’s and T-Types and bring more people to our club. We’ve been keeping the Turbo Buick torch alive for 25 years, it might be nice to see some new ones on the road. Twin Turbos, V6, RWD and two doors are what people have been hoping for and it’s all in the Avista package.

Buick has also recently renewed their ownership of the name Grand National & GNX for use on a vehicle, so who knows? For more close pics go HERE

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